The Journals Update

We are excited to announce the addition of our newest custom plugin: Journals!

Journals are a new way for KastCraft economy players to complete various tasks and earn special rewards based on the difficulty of the tasks that they complete. They are a bit different than normal Minecraft quests, however, because they are completely randomized!

There are currently 3 tiers of journals: Common, Unique, and Mythic. They each cost a different amount of XP to purchase, and upon redeeming them you will be given a list of randomized quests, equivalent in difficulty to the tier of journal that you purchased.

Once you complete the list of tasks in your journal, you will be given a money reward, a token reward, and a Common, Unique, or Mythical crate key. You can use these crate keys to unlock themed crates that give you even more special rewards.

How To Use Journals

To redeem a Journal, simply visit the NPC located near the villager market on the economy server. You can then trade in your hard-earned experience to purchase a journal of your choosing.

Once you have the journal in your hand, right click and it will activate. It will then generate the task list for you to complete and automatically give you the rewards once they are completed.

Let us know what you think of this new addition and be sure to recommend any changes that you want to see!