KastCraft Rules

Last Updated: July 5th, 2020


Welcome to KastCraft! This is a document with our full list of server rules and punishments. We kindly ask that you read through these to ensure that you don’t break any rules or get punished for something that you are unfamiliar with. If you have any questions about a rule in particular, please reach out to a staff member for assistance.

These rules apply to both the KastCraft Discord and Minecraft Server.


[1] Common Sense

Anything that harms the community, players, server economy, or server as a whole and is not meant to be a normal feature of Minecraft or KastCraft is subject to punishment, even if it is not laid out specifically in the rules.

[2] Cheating

1) Any player who finds a way around the system to gain an advantage is considered a cheater.

2) Any player who modifies their client or uses a program to give them an unfair advantage is a cheater.

3) Auto Clickers are not allowed. Using a program or rigging your mouse to automatically click for you is prohibited.

4) Knowingly and/or repeatedly exploiting a bug is cheating.

  • Example: Item duplication or repeatedly abusing a feature that is broken.
  • Hiding the bug, abusing it, or telling other players will raise your ban length.
  • If you discover a bug, make a Discord ticket and report it.

5) Chunk loaders are not allowed. If you use them, it counts as cheating.

6) All modifications/programs NOT listed below are PROHIBITED:

  • Minimaps / Waypoints
  • Lighting modifications
  • Optifine
  • Shulker Peek
  • Crafting Recipe Mods
  • Schematica / Litematica (No AutoBuild)
  • Itemscroller
  • Appleskin

[3] Bypassing

1) Bypassing a ban by using alternate accounts is prohibited.

2) Bypassing the automatic AFK kick system is prohibited.

  • This includes using auto-reconnect, auto clickers, or in-game methods such as water fountains that move you around. This also includes any similar modification or method that allows users to not be detected by the twenty-minute AFK timeout. AFK farming is allowed as long as you don’t try to automatically bypass the system. Manually moving around to avoid being kicked is okay.

[4] Disrespect / Toxicity

1) Respect all other players at all times. They are human too and you don’t know what they are going through.

2) Report a player or /ignore them if they are disrespecting or bothering you.

3) Repeat violations of toxicity that negatively affect the community will result in a punishment.

[5] Harassment / Stalking

1) Bothering or insulting another player repeatedly is considered harassment and is prohibited.

  • If a player asks you to leave them alone, leave them alone.
  • If this occurs in chat, it is considered harassment,
  • If this occurs with in-game actions, it is considered stalking.
  • Example: Not leaving someone’s land after being asked multiple times.

2) Targeting KastCraft players off-platform (such as on other social networks) will result in a ban or punishment.

[6] Racism / Sexism / Homophobia / Transphobia

1) Making jokes about another player based on their actual or assumed race is considered racism.

2) Insulting another player based on actual or assumed race is considered racism.

3) Making jokes about ANY race (even if it is your own) is considered racism.

4) Antagonizing someone based off of their race is considered racism.

5) Discussing racial stereotypes or assumptions is considered racism, even if jokingly.

The above rules also apply for gender (sexism) and sexual orientation (homophobia / transphobia).

[7] Heated Topics

1) Heated topics of discussion or socially questionable terms are prohibited on KastCraft.

  • KastCraft is an escape from reality. If you want to discuss heated topics such as politics, religion, etc, please do it somewhere else.

2) Do not discuss sensitive issues (abortion, divisive global events, politics, etc.) on the server. Feel free to bring it to DM’s or anywhere else, but the KastCraft community is not the place.

  • Just because we are limiting discussion on a topic does not mean that we have a specific stance on a topic. KastCraft is a neutral space and is not a platform for heated debates

3) If the public chat becomes too heated over a topic then a staff member reserves the right to break it up and mute players. Refusal to follow staff instructions in a situation like this will result in a punishment.

[8] Socially Questionable Terms

1) Any variation of questionable terms are prohibited.

  • This includes any variation of the N word, regardless of context.
  • This includes any other racist, sexist, or homophobic terms.
  • This includes using insults that target someone’s race, color or creed.

[9] Spamming / Advertising

1) Spamming is prohibited.

  • This includes but is not limited to:
  • Excessive Caps/Characters/Chat Messages/Links.
  • Excessive pointless items in the auction house.
  • Excessive use of /advertise.

2) Advertising for anything not-related to KastCraft is prohibited.

  • The only exception to this rule is with Twitch and YouTube channels in the share-your-channel section on Discord.

3) Excessive swearing is considered spamming. Use common sense and don’t swear too much in a short period of time.

[10] Threats / Encouraging Suicide

1) Malicious threats include; DDOS attacks, Leaking another person’s information.

2) Threatening to kill a person in real life is considered a death threat.

3) Telling a player to commit suicide, encouraging them to do so, or jokingly saying “kys” is not allowed.

[11] Griefing

1) Defacing or destroying the appearance of land or builds within 48 blocks of a land claim is prohibited.

  • Use common sense. If the builder/land owner doesn’t want something to be there, it is most likely considered griefing.
  • Land owners and members are responsible for all unclaimed land that is destroyed or griefed. The griefer will be punished, but items will not be refunded to the land members.

2) Impacting the experience of other players negatively or actively hindering players from accessing features of KastCraft is considered griefing.

3) Teleporting to a player or having a player teleport to you with the intention to kill them is considered griefing.

  • This includes TPA, pwarps, and lands.

4) Portal trapping is prohibited. All Nether portals must not be blocked off with doors or blocks.

5) Attempting to kill a player through the use of lava is considered griefing

6) Attempting to scam players is considered griefing

[12] Land Power Abuse

1) This rule applies to all members of a land.

2) This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Raising taxes absurdly high last second.
  • Kicking active players out without letting them retrieve their items.
  • Kicking active players out after they store their items to steal them.
  • Claiming lots of chunks last second to raise upkeep.
  • Stealing items from other players individual chunks.
  • Griefing the land claims or surrounding territory.

We will not rollback any land griefed by members of your land. It is still your responsibility to add players that you can trust.

[13] Alternate Accounts

1) Logging in as the same user on multiple accounts is prohibited.

2) Sharing the same IP address with a friend or family member is allowed up to one person.

3) Using alternate accounts to AFK farm is not allowed.


Punishments are based on the situation and are subject to change based on the severity of the offense.














Every player has the right to appeal their punishment if they provide sufficient evidence that they did not break any rules.

In order to make an appeal, please open a support ticket on Discord by going to the #support channel and explaining the situation. Make sure to include sufficient evidence if you have any.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our rules! If you have any questions, reach out to a staff member on Discord or on the server and they will answer your concerns! We look forward to seeing you on the server!

- RoboKast