An Update on the State of KastCraft

It is hard to believe that KastCraft launched nearly one year ago. I remember the days when I was vaguely thinking that I wanted to open a Minecraft server and had no idea what I wanted to do. It was all somewhat foreign to me, but I knew from the start that I wanted KastCraft to be something special and unique.

It has been exactly that, plus much more. KastCraft has been a community that feels more like a family. I love hopping on to see the familiar faces and check out the cool new creations. Every member has their own unique features and personality that they bring to the table every single time they log on, making it a one-of-a-kind place to be a part of.

But, in an industry that is ever-changing, it is important to adapt to ensure that we create the best community possible.

So, today, I am officially announcing our secret project. Our Magnum Opus. I am finally revealing the truth about why the server hasn't been receiving many updates and why RoboKast and Gadse have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth.

It's time to reveal what Project Novus is and what it means for the server.

A New Era - Project Novus

Throughout the last 9 months of experiencing KastCraft 2.0 (the current version of the server), we have begun to see some problems and issues that have arisen.

The hyper-inflation of the economy, the lack of things to do, and the drift away from the vanilla Minecraft experience are some of the major ones, but there are quite a few more.

These are issues that need to be addressed and fixed if we want our community to truly thrive and live up to the standards that I have set for it. Thus, it is time to start from the ground up and address all of these issues one by one, fixing them at the source.

KastCraft Novus is our solution.

What is Novus?

KastCraft Project Novus is going to be the latest and greatest version of KastCraft Economy. Designed from the ground up, we are putting the power back in the hands of the players and re-designing every single gameplay mechanic from a foundational level.

A new, more balanced economy with a focus on jobs instead of grinding, a streamlined and comprehensive token system, custom limited edition cosmetics that are ingrained in the entire experience, a more balanced and reasonably priced land claiming system, the removal of all crates and sketchy gambling mechanics, less OP and buffed items, performance updates, new features, and more will all be a part of this new experience.

We are not lying when we say that we have been building this from the ground up and that anything unnecessary will not be added. There will be no extra features that are there to add a bullet point on the website. No confusing and unnecessary plugins that aren't needed. We are spending a large amount of time designing everything and ensuring that the user experience is as streamlined as possible, while going back to our roots and leaning more towards the vanilla Minecraft experience.

More Information

We are not going to get into all of the specifics of Novus because we want to save it for the release notes. However, I do want to give some more information to clear up the air about the state of KastCraft.

About Novus

  • Launch Date: Early Q4 2020 (TBA)
  • Server Version: 1.16
  • Gamemode: Economy Survival
  • Wipe: Yes, we will be wiping Economy*
  • Donor Ranks: Players will keep all current donor ranks
  • Pay-To-Win: We have removed all pay-to-win gambling mechanics and put more of a focus on utilizing tokens and earning donor perks in-game for free. Our donation system is going to rely heavily on limited-edition, exclusive cosmetics such as music tracks, trails, balloons, miniatures, and more.

* We are going to be wiping the economy server in order to fully utilize our server resources and push this project to its largest potential. However, players will still be able to download the current economy world for personal use. We are also going to be looking into a way to archive the current economy server where players can connect through KastCraft and fly around the view the memories and creations that they have spent so long working on.

I hope this announcement clears up a lot of the confusion about the future of KastCraft. We hope that you are excited and we promise that we are going to make this community into something even bigger. Stick around and it will be worth it.

-- RoboKast